I don't know, but, he added me to his friend's list on myspace.
Like I often do with folks I don't know I ask if I'm "... a means to an end." To which he responds as no, and if I wanted to chill over a pint.

At this point, I've yet to check out his myspace and I'm feeling pretty flattered that a seemingly normal dude on myspace is chatting with me. Oh, but, the burn has yet to come, My Friends, the burn has yet to come.

Suddenly, the messages stop.
I log into his myspace and I discover he's a musician. Interesting. Let's listen to his music to see what it's all about.
Ahhh, the quintessential angst ridden facht favoured by torchered artists, balanced out by Oasis fueled rockity pop distortion. It's okay, nothing special. But, apparently the UK loved his first track "So Unclear", hey, maybe so will I.
Hitting the net I attempt to find it. Considering it his most recognizable track, it's absent on his myspace, which is suspect.

Then it clicks.

I WAS a means to an end.
I ask him.
He confirms it.
"... just putting the word out about the show. saw your were friends with a few of my pals so it should be a fun night."

First of all, you need to mention your show. Second of all, don't invite a girl out for a pint if you just want bums in seats. Because, the girl's obviously going to blog about it!

At the end of the day, and I'm being honest here, the guy is kind of cute. But, he's going to need to offer me a little more than a headache and a cash bar to get me to come out to his show.

Best part is, I didn't even know who he was, that he had a show, or anything until he wrote me back.

Oh, hilarious. Will be laughing about this one for a while.