Attention Americans!
A new energy drink is about to hit your shelves and, not only, does it have 350% more punch than Red Bull or a Starbucks Grand Coffee, it also has a name what glorifies the use of an illegal narcotic:

There's an old saying that says "Any publicity is good publicity". A philosophy equivalent to potty jokes as the lowest form of humour. I congratulate the marketers of Cocaine for aptly demonstrating the principals of the fart joke as it applies to energy drink marketing.

Never fear, the creators of Cocaine have a social conscious! They publicly denounce the use of illegal narcotics on their website, oppose the consumption of their beverage by those under 18 and vehemently frown upon the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS) in their product.

HFCS is bad for you.
I wager not as bad as 280mg of caffeine jolting through your system.
I guess what they're saying is that the beverage could be a lot worse.

Thanks, Cocaine cola for looking out for us energy hungry plebs, you guys are swell!

Just so there's no misunderstanding, Cocaine Energy DOES NOT contain cocaine or anything else illegal. Some report that it is numbing on the way down and leaves a sensation similar to cocaine. Others report it has a fruity atomic fireball taste... I've only tasted atomic fireballs once... when I was on holidays in Fruity. We ate the atomic fireballs fresh off of the bush... and...


Again, the marketers are shilling nonsense.

Finally, what is it that makes Cocaine so special? A high, followed by a state of euphoria and energy that lasts 5-6hours. No crash.

I just don't agree with a canned beverage that markets energy equivalent to using an illegal substance. It really isn't right. People in the world have severe problems with the drug, we ought to be mindful of that and try to discourage a younger generation from investing in such a fad.

The message isn't positive, regardless if the product is good.