I went to a party the other night. My neighbours, who I never met before, invited me to their housewarming party. It's obvious they didn't know me at all because the invited me to their party!!

But, while I was there, I didn't have my make up on, so I had to make up in other ways. Like trying to be funny, which, believe it or not, sometimes I'm really good at. I also showed up with cheesy biscuits... which for some reason I thought it would be a riot to tell people that I brought cheesy biscuits over because I'm Palestinian and the 21st of October is an important Palestinian holiday, rarely celebrated in North America.

Why did I do this? No reason except for I'm a dork.
So apparently, I said the holiday was roughly translated into English as "Housewarming Day" and on this day, we celebrate the mass establishment of Palestinian refugee camps. So every year Palestinians make cheesy biscuits, with bacon or ham, to ensure that it's the one thing that the Jews can't take away from us.
And, we sit in tents and eat them.

It's not a sad day, it's a happy holiday!

My Jewish friends are going to stop speaking to me now.