CityTV does so much to bring breaking news stories to the people of Toronto. Nothing was so important than the exclusive scoop they received on A NEW WAY TO DATE! KC opened the report with lines such as "I'm not a bar scene kind of girl" and "I'm a huge geek"

Mike, regardless of the mileage I'm getting out of the humour of this. You owe me one.

Hmmm... Pam Seagle, ask me more questions about being single in the city.

I smell Gemini!

Look how thin my hips look. You should get nominated if only based on my apparent on camera fabulousness.

There are some perks to being on camera talent. One of which is the craft food service table.

Unfortunatly, budget restraints on this shoot provided Jax & I with a bag of stale popcorn & a large cup of air WITH straw.

Notice, I'm not sipping, because AGAIN, the caterers only had regular air and I ONLY drink diet.

I'm an artist people!! AN ARTIST!

Pam Seagle's first experimental film, "P.S. Beyond the Box"

Yeah, it might look like we were alone, but the camera man was always on hand to give us plenty of direction. I think he got the cold that's going around, because he was breathing really heavy which made getting direction really hard. But, we were patient to help him realize his artistic vision. He was really loving, wanting Jax and I to hug lots. He even bought us a present, he said he had a banana in his pocket for both of us and he said we could get it later. We forgot of course, mind like a siv!! After all we were put through that day, we didn't mind calling him "Daddy." And, you know, I think he liked it too.

Now it's Jax's turn to be a geekazoid. Stellar sound bite, "It's great. Great. I can't wait", she really does tackle life with that verve and passion! She's currently employed as "Single", but, she's a take the bull by the horns kind of gal!

I was shocked to discover that Jax knew exactly where the outlet was in the public washroom so she could straighten her hair pre-shoot.
How much time do you spend in the Paramount?

Well, that's it for our behind the scene's look at Jax and I's big CITYTV DEBUT. I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane, and you'll join us next time for some more hijinks and hilarity as we conquer Toronto.

One local news station at a time.