"The Wrath of Squash at High Noon."

It returns for another successful year!!
Punkinapalooza, the annual invite-only backyard jack-o-lantern carving party planned by the creative minds of Chateau Nice.
Last year, I went with my friend Natalie to assert our dominance over the competition with out EXTREME punkin. Here we are in pre-carving attire posing for a photo that would've inevitably have been edited into our victory reel. Shown just before our award acceptance, we were prepared to humbly accept the award for best design with a heartfelt speech designed to give a shout out to the younger generation of artisanal squash sculptors.

Never give up on your dreams.

Due to pollitical reasons, we did not walk away with the title. We recognize the merits of the winning punkin and we hope that they enjoyed their reign this past year. However, KC is coming back and coming back with a vengeance. This year's sculpture will far exceed the 5 foot flames that nearly burned down Chateau's front porch.

Although, we were recognized, as you can see by the image, as the winner of the most Flammable catagory, it pales in comparison to being the Grand Gourd.

Carved with care and distinction, KC & Nat's punkin was a perfect melange of art, function, festivities, creativity and originality. It was the holiday, fireworks and celebration all in one gorgeously groomed gourd.

The fun things my friends do to celebrate the holidays! The perfect combination of childhood memories, adult libations all packaged in a fabulous funtastic afternoon! Of course, the invitees can come in costume, however, like the Punkinapalooza FAQ states:
"...Dress up as a pumpkin, and you will be murdered."

That's some serious competition that's going on!

But, first the ZOMBIE WALK!