You can click in and watch the clip of me on CityTV Here

I look cute.

And, I don't sound like a dork... Unlike Jax! Apparently, she can't wait! Can't wait for what? Click at a Flick? She's waited her whole life to meet that special someone at an event like this. Finally, Jax's dream has come true.

Want to find out how you can go and meet hot singles like Jax and Myself? Click Here Hey, what's better than drinking at a movie? It's my favorite activity! Really, if you're looking to avoid the party because it's a "single's night" then you're really cutting yourself off. Everyone there feels the same way, go in and think of it as an added benefit to a ticket to a movie. Socialize, network and have a good time. Jax and I did.

Go check out Lavalife's Click at a Flick, and for the price of a movie ticket, enjoy two free drinks at a pre movie reception and an after party at one of the city's hottest clubs.

Honestly, the scene last night had hotter than to be expected folks.