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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide [...] All the rest -- Whether or not the world has three dimensions, whether the mind has nine or twelve categories -- comes afterwards." (Camus 495.)
By now, most music manic's in Toronto are aware that on Monday July 6th Martin Streek was found dead. CNFY mourned the loss of their recently "released" colleague with the same polite euphemisms present in funeral homes and hospitals. Martin Streek died, Martin Streek passed on, Martin Streek is no longer with us. What wasn't stated would lead to controversy; Martin Streek committed suicide. That sounds cold, doesn't it? Is this because the general consensus around suicide usually revolves around a reason? With Streek, the allegations are already flying. You may feel that Corus radio was at fault, that they pushed his hand when they fired him. If this is how you feel, you can join a facebook group and pledge your support for boycotting the would be "culprits".
It would be nice to pin our responsibilities onto others in this fashion. Than it would never be the child's fault for shooting up his school, but rather the music that the child listens to. Forget about blaming the parent who doesn't spend enough time with their child, or the child for choosing their own actions. The fault lays in the responsible hands of he who possess the most power. In Streek's case, this is Corus, and I might be willing to agree that they were the cause; however, since we are not living in the feudal times of Japan, and the great warlord Corus did not sentence Streek to committee Seppuku, I have a hard time swallowing this pill.
Streek was a Sisyphus. He dug his heels in and climbed the long haul with CFNY, carrying his share of their burden for over 20 years before being fired earlier this spring.
I could just image waking up every Saturday morning, groggy and tired from a long night at the Kingdom/Sound Academy. Pulling sleep from my eyes to revel in the prospect of having a day to myself. A day where I didn't have to perform the same mundane task over and over again, smiling oh too brightly for the country gals, wrapped too tight for comfort in their hot pink tube top and rough cut jeans. The infinite and incessant High fives to the spiny haired guys from Woodbridge, who were all "total pro's".
I could just image waking up every Saturday morning and realizing that I had to do it the same again every day. But would this still call on suicide? Obviously not for Sisyphus, or Streek.
Like the hero of our story, Sisyphus was charged a mundane task--he had to roll a boulder to the top of a high mountain, at which point it would begin to roll back down so that he could go back and repeat the same task again. But like Streek, it wasn't a task of the mundane.
"The Gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreaful punishment than futile and hopeless labour." (Camus .589)
Was it the work, or the lack of work that forced his hand?
That is a ridiculous question to ask, the solution will not change the events outcome.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pitcher in for #MargaritaMonday!

Newly created monthly event where the only 'hash' you'll find is in the tag!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - With gusto and a little pride, #MargaritaMonday kicks off on Monday, June 22nd on Zelda's Bar and Restaurant patio (542 Church Street) at 6pm. This open event is directed to patio loving, margarita drinking individuals seeking an informal 'tweetup' for post work libations on a Monday evening.

"Mondays are hard enough to deal with without liquor," says event creator Marie "Mings" Nicola (aka @karmacakedotca), "This event brings a chill way for me - uh, I mean, folks - to unwind, chat and drink in a socially acceptable forum."

Zelda's Bar and Restaurant is known as one of the most homorific locations in Toronto's village. With Pride underway, the patio and the neighborhood will be bumpin'. The inaugral #MargaritaMonday is expected to have a minimum attendance of two, with a maximum attendence of however many we possibly can get. Whatever the numbers, the event will be hosted with a lot of 'Pride'.

No prizes will be given, but fame and glory are certain for attendees who wish to "pitcher in" and buy at least one pitcher to share with the table. Bloggers are welcome to review the experience and Tweeters are encouraged to Twitterberry their hearts out.

"I would post photos to my Twitpic account. But, I think Twitpic hates me or hates my blackberry," laments Mings, " Either way, one of us did something to piss it off because the friggin' thing won't accept the photos. As if posting in 140 characters wasn't hard enough!"

Those posting to Twitpic may be harrassed to show Mings how to do it.

When referring to #MargaritaMonday it's encouraged to utulize the Twitter convention of the '#' in order to facilitate searching.


Let's make Monday fun!

For more information @karmacakedotca or

Monday, June 08, 2009

Luminato... oh Luminato. Everyone's favorite annual artsy fartsy event goes on amidst big corporate dollars and rumours of a "nutso" CEO. Hey, I might be driven crazy if I was heading one of the fastest growing international festival of arts in Toronto... Besides, the event has some serious gems, like the President's Choice "1000 Tastes of Toronto".

One of the most talked about programs is the President's Choice "1000 Tastes of Toronto" a culinary adventure that will see the city's top chefs prepare their version of street food for hungry patrons on June 13th and 14th, beginning at noon.

The South lane of Queen's Quay (in between Lower Simcoe and Lower Spadina) will be shut for the event and Cirque du Soleil is getting back to their street performing roots with an unforgettable experience that will make 1000 Tastes a must attend event.

Hey I like food AND I like Cirque du Soleil AND I LIKE FREE! Which the event is - free to attend if you want to eat it's $5 a serving and food vouchers can be purchased at the event. But, when else do you get gourmet street food? Forget Toronto a la Carte for a moment because TALC does NOT have Susur Lee.

Yes. Susur Lee will be there. And who else? Well, here's the complete list of restaurants and the chefs who will be cooking at 1000 Tastes of Toronto. You WILL NOT find this information anywhere else.


Why? Because I love all my readers and I have eyes and ears all over the city! That's why my friends rule.

The list is complete in terms of the restaurants and caterers on site, but the chef list is incomplete. Seeing as some of the celeb chefs may decide not to go last minute, be satisfied you'll get to eat their vittles instead.

nom. nom. nom.


360 Restaurant CN TowerAmuse BistroChef Peter George- Foodie
Amuse BoucheChefs Jason Inniss & Bertrand Alepee
Arrabiata Trattoria
Auberge Du PommierChef Jason Bangerter
Big Papa
Café NervosaChef Andrea Nicholson
Crepe Delicious
Daniel et Daniel
DhabaChef P.K. Ahluwalie
Dos Amigos
Fare BistroChef Brad Clark
Forte Bistro and LoungeChef Greg Argent
Four Restaurant
Globe Bistro
Grace RestaurantChef Dustin Gallagher
Hot House Café
Indian and Malabari Cuisine
Indus Junction
Intercontinental Toronto Yorkville Hotel
Jaipur Grille
Jayne's Gourmet CateringJayne Dunsmore
KaisekiChef Daisuke Izutsu
Kakayo Chocolate Company
Chocolatier Colleen Wong-Sala
La Bruschetta Chef Silvia Piantoni
La Fiesta Catering
Lai Wah Heen, Senses Restaurant, Lai Toh Heen, Hemisphere's Restaurant + Bistro (Metropolitian Hotel)
Local Kitchen and Wine Bar
Local 4Chef Nancy Gilmor
Loic Gourmet
Madeline's/LeeChef Susur Lee- Foodie
Magic Oven
Mariposa Cruises
Mis AmigosChef Josie Yumbla
Morton's The Steakhouse
On The MoveChef Lino Di Cecca
Presidents ChoiceChef Tom Filippou
Prohibition GastroPub & Oyster Bar
Rodney's Oyster House
SabrositoChef Carlos Fuenmayor
Santaguida Fine FoodsMarco Santaguida
Seven NumbersChef Tony Marinuzzi
Simple Bistro
Southern Accent
Sunshine ShakesJoanne Anderson
The Sultans Tent & Café Moroc
The Surly ChefChef James John Bennett
Ultra Supper ClubChef Chris Zielinski
Vertical Restaurant
Vesta Lunch
Westin Harbour Castle HotelExec Chef Duff Lampard
Wolf and Firkin

I love innovative thinkers and Lauren Wise, the creator of Shop the Block, definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Anyone who is quick to react to the effects of the economic downturn by taking in a concern for both business owners and consumers, is tops in my books.

So here's the deal, a group of Toronto area shops have thrown down a serious move to make recessionistas happy. Think Student Price Card for grown ups who don't care about a free pop with their sub at subway.

Anyone who isn't from Toronto probably doesn't know that the city is notorious for loving high-end niche boutiques but the vast majority are rotten for supporting local. We're not talking foodies, fooders or food trends here, we're talking mom and pop boutiques. Even then, Torontonians are in denial - no doubt, I'll get some evil words thrown at me but whatever.

Like many similar services, Shop the Block requires a $65 annual membership which seems a little steep to access a smattering of 50 shops and services across Toronto - the majority of which I have no need for. I've owned lots of these cards and to this day, I've never broke even on one of them. But, that's not to say it's not for you.

If you're not cheap like me and you have $65 to invest in a savings program that could cut up to 20% or more on your expenses at your favorite shops - then you should do it. The exclusive membership program will offer you discounts at independent boutiques and restaurants as well as towards services and classes in areas across the city.

Shop the Block has plans to expand even further across the city and I'm pumped to watch it grow. When there are few more in my neighborhood, I'll probably take the plunge.

Here's a random selection of shops featured in the program; more on the website:

Boom Breakfast Co.
Groove School of Dance
Le Pain Quotidien
Look Hair Studios
Organic Abundance
The Paper Boutique
The Southside Restaurant and Bar
Tutto Pronto
Vision by Strolf
What a Bagel
Li'l Niblets & Baby Sprouts

Shop the Block -

Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's chocolate that was sent to me, courtesy of Miss Ginger Corsair of Ginger Won't Snap, one cool Toronto Spring day. Two boxes of Nestlé Noir Mousse Delicate with a charming note asking me to post within two weeks. Without any sense of time, I'm posting a little past the deadline - with the greatest of apologies.

Anyway, let's keep this short and go with some FAQ's on the chocolate.

What is it?
According to the website these chocolates are orgasmically described as:

Deliciously light dark chocolate mousse enrobed in a shell of decadent chocolate.
What is it REALLY?
A Jell-O Pudding type chocolate mousse filling covered in an elevated version of Easter chocolate.

What does it taste like?
See above.

What surprised you about the chocolate?
How it melts immediately in your hands, making a mess that's not so bad to lick off. But, I'm into that sort of thing. Licking the build up of cheese residue from a bag of Humpty Dumpty Cheesies is still one of my favorite parts of eating cheesies.

I also like the ones that look like Slimey the Worm from Sesame Street.

I also couldn't eat more than 2 of the dark or the milk chocolate ones without getting a headache. Which is kind of odd, considering I believe I was put on this Earth to communicate the merits of junk food.

How can I justify eating it?
Just defer to the Nutritional information! One square is about 50 calories and has Calcium, Magnesium and Iron in it.
"Fuck off! I'm anemic! Now give me my Nestlé Noir!"
What do people say when they ate it?
Usually I got, "Oh! I don't mind if I do!" followed by a "Mmmm! These are sooooo good! Can I have another?"

Which one do you like? Dark or Milk Chocolate?
I like the dark one, but I was surprised it had more calories. I would assume that those who prefer dark chocolate are kind of like the people who like dark coffees. Even though, I was looking for something more like bittersweet chocolate, I still felt like I was eating something real with the Nestlé Dark version.

What's your final impression of the chocolate?

I think that Nestlé Noir Mousse Delicate is a more refined version of an Aero. The bubbly interior is a mousse-esque filling that makes it kind of fun to eat. If you know what real high end chocolates taste like, this will be more akin to Pizza Hut to real Neapolitan Pizza, you know? Not unpleasant, just dirty good.

Will you buy it again?
Probably not. If I'm going to spent money on some "high end chocolates" I'll splurge on few of the Godiva versions before this. Kind of bitchy, but it's true.

But, if you're looking for some "fancy chocolates" you can enjoy with your picky 5 year old - grab a box. They aren't bad, but there's nothing about them that's special.

Think Heidi Montag as a pop singer turned into a chocolate.

Here are some picture!

Soooeeeeee! Come get your slop, FattyCakes!

I was too lazy to lighten up the picture so you can actually see the mousse. Turn up your monitor light.

Awesome! Nutritional Information. Way to wreck a guilty pleasure Government of Canada

15% of your daily recommended intake of Magnesium is right here, Baby.
The little nugs are lined up two by two. People who are high on the 'juan don't care about presentation.
I've noticed.