Michael J. Fox lends his celebrity with credence.
I'm hard pressed to find fault in Michael J. Fox's Missouri based ad campaign urging voters to support a bill that will continue to allow stem cell research.

He is a man with a disease and stem cell research is important not only to him, but, to the thousands of individuals suffering from degenerative diseases, and spinal chord injuries like Christopher Reeves.

The moral debate on stem cell research is on going. However, I get very disappointed when I see people who cannot relate to the pain and suffering of an individual trying to fight a battle of his life and not only are all the odds stacked against him, but, also the man who played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ

You heard me.
A legion of sports stars, actors and politicians are engaging in an aggressive backlash against Fox's tv appearance. Rush Limbaugh callously stated that "Fox was either off medication or acting"

I want to know, what right do these individuals have to prevent life saving research from taking place? They, who live their lives free of "on" and "off" spells unique to Parkinson's, and those who can do daily tasks with little difficulty.

Those suffering from Parkinson's have the most to benefit from Stem Cell Research. Don't try to hide your malicious intents behind veils of other claims. Because one day, your actions might not just effect Michael J. Fox, but, folks like you.

By then, it will be too late.