Who call for advice...

It's okay to like someone.
It's okay to like them even if they aren't fond of you.

It's not okay to chase them.
It's not okay to be unable to move on with your life.

You are not a slave to your emotions, they are apart of you and you shouldn't have to surrender to them all or nothing.

Further to that, why do you expect a relationship to happen over night? Just because you're intrigued by this person, it doesn't mean that they are there with you. So chill. If they see your inner beauty then they will call.

Trust me.

They will call.

I've said this a million times over, some of the strongest relationships that are in my life are those based upon partnerships. You both have strengths that work well together and you don't feel compelled to change them. Expecting fireworks everyday is unrealistic... you know what they say, "What goes up like a rocket comes down like a rocket!"

So what are you in a rush for anyway?

Just see what your strengths are and they will see them too.

Not every relationship starts off the same, not every person reacts the same way. People love differently. Respect that, respect yourself and be happy.

I'm not perfect. Trust me, my dearest friends. My problem is simply this, if I don't hear from someone, I assume it's over and I do my best to move on. Not every guy I meet is going to be obsessed with me. And, those that are, I'm disinterested in anyway.

So beyond a brief period in my life where I liked a guy so selflessly that I sacrificed myself and demanded the same from him. Later I realized, you cannot make demands and you cannot sacrifice yourself.

I shed many a tear asked many a question and emerged a person not pleased about having had gone through the experience. I understand it's made me a more enlightened person because of it. And, hopefully a stronger partner in the future.

So am I apprehensive about getting involved with someone? Well, of course! To the point that I crave excessive amounts of space by pushing folks away all so I can figure "things" out. I don't want to get hurt, I don't want to hurt someone else, I just want to be me.

Maybe that's my dysfunction? Maybe that's my baggage?

If my phone rings, I may not answer it. If there's a guy that gives me reason why I should answer it, I will. Because it's not attracting me that's the game, it's keeping me interested.

I recognize that dating is a power struggle. Women especially attempt to seek status by using their sexuality as a tool. So I seek to try and find that honesty of emotion. I refuse to whore myself and devalue everything that I have to offer. To date someone because you want their lifestyle is selfish and I despise it with everything I am.

I will never let my friends do that. To be a slave for status and wealth. That is to be earned, not to be bartered! There isn't enough goodness in the world.

For all of us, there will be someone we care for. It will be a person's goodness we will be attracted to.
Inshallah, they will see it in us too.

My confession.

I will not beg.
If you want me.
Come for me.