I have to admit, I didn't write this. It's a circulation from my Oxfam group on Facebook. It is however, very useful and might be of interest to those of you seeking social justice in the confines of our concrete jungle.

Also, I have stuff going on that I can't write about just yet. Soon, but, not yet.

(updated March 2007)


The Hot Yam!

Every Wednesday during lunch (approx 11:30am on) - fresh, organic vegetarian meals made from scratch by students every week! contact hottestyam@gmail.com if you want to help or for more info! Located: International Student Centre
33 St. George Street in the Cumberland House


Diabolo’s Coffee Shop, University College:

Coffee bar at University College, (in the JCR) serving drinks with healthy vegetarian, vegan, and organic fare options. Pay a deposit at the beginning of the year and get a ceramic mug all to yourself for the year! Containers now all biodegradable!
Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 8am - 6pm Fri. 8am – 4pm
Located: University College, the JCR (Junior Common Rm)


The Human Bean Café, Victoria College:

Started by Anneleen Naudts this year, The Human Bean is an organic, fair trade coffee cafe run ENTIRELY on a VOLUNTEER basis by STUDENTS. Everything is fair trade and organic: coffee, tea (inc. loose leaf), espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, Camino chocolate bars, cookies, biscotti with much more! The Cafe emphasizes sustainability using an indoors vermi-compost system, biodegradable cups, energy efficient kettle, ALL reused materials and furniture, and biodegradable cleaning products!!

Bringing your own mug gets you a 15¢ discount!
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-5 and Fri. 9-3

If you’d like to volunteer at the cafe, e-mail anneleen.naudts@utoronto.ca
Located: Victoria College, 91 Charles st.
(Old Vic’s main floor, beside bookstore)


Innis College Café:

Owners Damon and Shahram Shahidi are always serving with smiles! This small café sells beverages (inc. smoothies), sandwiches and yummy with healthy and veggie-friendly options to choose from!
Located: Innis College (further entance)
2 Sussex Avenue, 416-977-7434


The Coffee Shed at New College:

Serve fair trade organic coffee + baked goods and sandwiches. Located: Wetmore Hall, New College, 21 Classic Avenue


Food for All Equity Garden:

The garden located on grounds of the UTSU (SAC), run by OPIRG. The garden is dedicated to the U of T Food Bank but also has Open Community Harvest policy, meaning anyone can harvest organic vegetables for FREE0. Mission is to promote and practice food equity, social equity, and environmentalism.

The group meets Tuesdays 4:30 and always welcoming new participants. For more info visit: http://hrc.sa.utoronto.ca/garden.htm or
OPRIG: 416.978.7770
UTSU: 416.978.4911


Good Food Box:

FoodShare Toronto started the Good Food Box program to ensure that Toronto-area citizens of all income levels had access to healthy and affordable food delivered to your neighbourhood! The Good Food Box runs like a large buying club with centralized buying and co-ordination. Boxes cost between $12-$32, depending on the version each brimming with fresh, tasty LOCAL produce.

At U of T, Women’s Centre is a designated Good Food Box drop-off point. To find the closest drop off point to you or to learn how to start your own, contact gfbox@foodshare.net. For more information visit www.foodshare.net

Located: U of T’s Women’s Centre
563 Spadina Avenue, North Borden Building Room 100 *** (make sure you’re in the right BUILDING!)
(between Wilcox and College on the east side of Spadina) 416-978-8201