Have you noticed that so many people are becoming celebrities and how seemingly easy it is to catch that star?

So, being a celeb is the new black.

And, the coolest woman to take on this trend, is none other than one of my bestest friends from Childhood, M'selle Julie Audette!

Julie, my beloved friend and longtime personal nutrition coach, has offered me the best of her services free of charge since she began. Now she's taking her message to move deserving folks with her own tv show on Canal. Her friendly no nonesense approach to good health through good nutrition will be seen by all. Who can resist her adorable French charm, good looks and honest intelligence? I can't!

She's helped to tackle head on my food worries and has been one of my best friends since we met in High School! So I wish you all the best on your new show, and I'll be there to share it with English Canada!

Oh and btw, Dodgeball is the new afterwork volleyball. I kid you not.
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