Personal style is such a touchy subject. Some people have it and some people don't. And, you can easily determin if you have good style or bad style by asking yourself one question:

Ladies: Which shoe will you choose to sport on a casual cool date of coffee and ice cream by the boardwalk?
(Yes, there is an incorrect answer)

Do not be fooled. Regardless of whether the shoe is inconspicuous black, it does not make it appropriate to wear in public.
If you chose the upper shoe, you are correct! Congratulations, you have the sense to recognize the lower shoe as inconvenient by-product from a standard tire manufacturing process.

There are dangerous times ahead! Decisions much more difficult than the aforementioned will dot the landscape of your Fashionscape, and you will be alone to make the final correct decision.

The burden is great.
The reward greater.

Those acting as representatives for "Fashionably Comfortable," a lobby group that has attempted to infiltrate the closets of all fashionistas, yet again! Though I have yet to prove of their existance, we all are familiar with their peverted philosophy is that fashion should never hurt, and that Payless should be the only shoe source.

So women of the world, if you are tired of choking on the fumes of Payless' cheap vinyl shoes, stand up!
If you preserved your fashion integrity regardless of the intrduction of UGGS -Bitches, stand up and salute your good taste!!

Recently, the offensive brand of gardening clogs that have appeared on the feet of women in public! Like beers under 6% alcohol are reserved for the elderly, the infirm and children, I say so should these shoes be reserved for the elderly, infirm and infantile!

Informants back home have shared that An International ChicTard agency (Fashionably Comfortable) unleashes their whoreanus "Crocs" like a swarm of ravenous locusts on the shoe collections of Maritimers. How can I sit back and idly let this happen? I thought their appearance in Yorkville this Spring/Summer was a prank for Juste Pour Rire Gags, and now I know, I was wrong.

But, this battle is personal now. The integrity of my home province is at stake, and the people need me! I must address this in my teensy piece I'm writing for the December issue of The Buzz.

If you own a pair of these rubberized foot shells please quickly deposit them in the recycling bin as indicated by the shoe's safe disposal techniques.

What other shoes are deemed too hideous to wear by the sane? Try UGGS, platform flip flops, chunky soled loafers (circa 1996), and of course gardening clogs worn outside your home.

Remember, even if there's a place for you to put your foot in doesn't mean you should.