Now you see it. Now you don't!
That's the concept behind Calgary's interest in erecting several disappearing Urinal stations around the city.

Canada's New West is on a mission to regulate human behaviour. No fighting, spitting or peeing in public! Bill Bruce, Calgary's director of bylaw services, assures Calgarians that they are "...not after people who get caught short and have to sneak into the bushes and take care of business"

The hilarity is, at least to me, that Calgary is taking on the responsibility of teaching their public etiquette! However, for some unknown reason, male Calgarians are reluctant to adopt proper behaviour unless it's paired with a fined. But, make no mistake, this is not uniquely a Calgary problem. This is an issue that is plaguing most Western Canadian cities!

In Saskatoon, the Public Spitting, Urination and Defecation Prohibition Bylaw has been in effect for two years. And, in the past year 50 residents have been charged under the bylaw.

If you are unsure on what qualifies as spitting, then no fret, the bylaw conveniently outlines that for you. It simply means "to eject phlegm, saliva, chewing tobacco juice or any other substance from the mouth."

How about poo? Historically, there's a lot of that what spewed out of Ralph Klein's mouth on more than one occasion.

Okay, I digress.

BC also is having a problem with public urination and have subsequently invested in testing out hydrolic urinals for Bastion Square. Hopefully this will qwell the chronic scourge of the inebriated male population who just can't hold it in. By day, the urinals sleep in a subterrinian home, by night the vampiric urinals rise to the convenience of many.

Downside, the European made Urilift comes with a $75,000 price tag. Now, honestly, is public urination really a serious problem if you're only earning about $5,000 in fines? The "problem" is barely paying for the unit itself.

Just have stands for empty water bottles. Portable and handy, it can work hand and hand with existing recycling programs.