I was going to wait for Stewart/Colbert to announce their bid for the 2008 presidential race before I blogged about any of it. Although, I had to post the latest announcement:

Hillary Clinton, "I'm in"

It's on her website, so it's gotta be true.

I want it to be true. If only based upon the fact that this is a woman who can be referred to, simply as "Hillary" and the world automatically know's who you're talking about. Well, those over the age of 16, anyone younger will automatically think "Duff"

"OMG, Hillary Duff is taking her stuff to the White House? Totally isn't surprising, I mean, she has like a clothing line, perfume, acting career and an amazing singing career. And, she's like so pretty! I mean, she totally can win!"

Yes, Hillary Duff as president would be a futile excercise in pink on white. Honestly, she's NO Elle Woods!

Okay, let's back to the real Hilster's

love her or hate her, polls suggest 1 in 3 would not vote for the former First Lady and sassy female senator for 6 years! However, she's in the front running to lead the Democrats in the election race. However, in it all, there isn't an American who doesn't know who she is and hasn't an opinion on her.

Hillary is hitting an online chat to ask Americans how they would suggest putting America back on track. Starting on the 22nd and 7pm EST Hillary is having a national discussion and if you want in, you need to register

Yeah, Hillary is a woman, and if anyone is familiar with the political climate of the United States, you know, it's a real possibility she will not get elected if only based upon her gender. But, we can't be so quick to discredit her. We are talking about Hillary Clinton, though she's best known as Bill Clinton's wife, and her failed attempt at reforming the health care system, she also is the woman that won over New York. A state she wasn't even from. She even convinced uber conservative populations in upstate NY that she was a fabulous candidate.

Let's forget about her support of military action in Iraq and remember she's a hard line opposition to Gee Double-ya's idiocracy... Democrazy...

Hillary Clinton, first female President of the United States.
Savior of all.

Americans you better vote good this time. Last time you f*ck'd us all up.