Kids, you want a rant? I'll give you a rant. I'm going to tell you about the most frustrating taxi service available in Toronto, Ontario.

Enter Beck Taxi.

Landmark because of their colour. Landmark because of their inability to arrive on time.

Oh, but, KC isn't done yet my muffin butts. After waiting close to 60 minutes for a taxi cab to arrive I am at my wits end.

I mean, I have learned a lot, I learned that crack IS wack after waiting 45 minutes on the corner of Shuter and Sherbourne for a Beck Taxi to show. Obviously, mistaken for Sistren, a crack whore engaged me in conversation about her cat, Twinkle, that was dead for a few days before she realized it.

Thanks Beck.

I called the owner, and I got no reply.

This morning, I learned that if a cab doesn't show, dispatchers can only say "It'll be there any second" and will continue to do so up to 60 minutes.

60 Minutes! I could've walked to my destination faster, AND, saved the $8 fare.

Now, I'm pissed and I'm on a mission to find out why consumers are constantly at the receiving end of a corporate spanking from Beck. Gail Beck-Souter the cab company's owner has an inability to reply to calls. She also has cleverly removed empowerment from the hands of her dispatchers who are most likely to field calls from disgruntled consumers.

Therefore, when your cab doesn't show (Which considering my recent track record with Beck is a 80% chance), you can call dispatch, however, you will get no answers, you will get no compensation, you will get nothing. If the cab arrives, you will be expected to pay, there is no renumeration for the inconvenience that Beck provides.

So where is the accountability to the consumer and the incentive to have the best service possible? It does not exist! Failing to show Taxis are not allowed to field calls for up to 1 hour, but, that is no apology to the inconvenienced consumer.

No, my friends, just bend over and accept the fact that Gail Beck-Souter and her league of Taxi Minions will be pleased to sodomize you for a fee.

I'm going to find Gail. I'm going to talk to Gail. I'm going to sort this out.

KC is on a mission.

In the meantime, Royal Taxi is a reliable service to use instead of Beck.