Have you ever had the pleasure of a Donair?
The sweet white sauce pooling in the crevaces of spit roasted meat wrapped in pita.

If you think you know what a donair is then ask yourself, "Do I live in Grecoville?" if you cannot answer yes, then you don't know what a Donair is.

Kids, in an effort to help coolify the streets of Toronto, I want you to gather around, get cozy, and kick back on a journey that will change your life. You are about to embark on an epic journey into Donair Deliciousness.

From here on in, there is no looking back. For this is truly the food of the Gods! Well, Karmacake, which is pretty darned close.

What is it?

Once upon a time in a land of Nova Scotia in the Kingdom of Halifax was a small eatery located on Quinpool Road known only as "The King of Donair". The King was a monarch who worked tirelessly to feed his subjects, especially those who arose only in the wee hours of the dimly lit morn to feed upon morsols of dough, cheese and tomato sauce.

One day the king had an epiphany, "I will create a sandwich, nay, a pita wrap based upon ancestral victuals. It will be sweet AND savoury. It will be mostly meat to sustain the ravenous bellies of the sketchy post club drunkards. It will ease the hunger of those hung over. It will satiate the busy, the poor, the studious. It will be delicious, debatably nutricious and it will be called: Donair"

So set forth The King to create a secret sauce, some rumour the original recipe was created from evaporated milk, some stand by sweetened condensed milk, garlic powder and vinegar. We may never know the contents of the original sauce, and truthfully, we don't want to, for The King is great and his sauce greater.

From then on, Donair stands popped up. The sauce was no longer limited to the pita wrap but was to be used as a dipping sauce for garlic fingers and pizza crusts. Some used it on hamburgers, others slathered it on pizza dough instead of tomato sauce. It spread quickly to the far reaches of the Atlantic provinces and for the first time in decades, Donair replaced fish as a staple in Maritimer's diets.

It is yet unknown whether Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has yet to sample Donair.

You Want to Try it?

And, as you should!
Click here for an older post that explains how to make donair sauce at home.

Garlic Fingers are pretty no brainers to make. McCain makes frozen Garlic Fingers you can buy in the grocery. You can make them the same way you would to start a pizza but spread garlic butter on the dough and top with cheese. When cooked slice into fingers and dip that shit into yo' sauce.

Donairs... now that's special. There are a few Greco locations in Ontario, I prefer their donair to Pizza Delight which makes a screwed up bastardization of the original treat.

Brampton, Ontario, Hunny's, Hunny's, Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Daily News & Coffee, Keele Street

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