Yeah, sure, when you hear about 9/11 you're always asked "Where were you?" well, I was in Paris. But, really does my geographic location on the date of the the most traumatizing event of the 21st century provide the world with a reason for the crime?

Ummmmm... no...

In fact, if you research the date, you find a lot information, except the all important: Why?

Don't try and tell me to look a the The 9/11 Commission Report or to philosophize that the event was preventable. Besides the fact that neither really provide any true answers. The report describes in great detail the how the event happened and to sit back in philosophize is not only gory, but, it's not very productive is it.

Oh you want some philosophy now?


The popular believe for why the events happened revolve around the idea that the terrorists are "Crazy" that they are "Insane" and they want to destroy the American way of life because they hold it in such contempt. So while, it might feel great to dismiss the terrorists as being nutso and to demonize them through a perceived mental inbalance one has to realize that it still doesn't provide the catalyst.

Well, how about best selling author Dinesh D'Souza and his controversial book The Enemy at Home. In this book, D'Souza refuses to believe the popular claim that the terrorists are just simply insane and blames the events of 9/11 on the "Cultural Left"

Democrats and Liberals, I can hear you having kittens.
Just chill.

D'Souza believes that it is the secular progressive left, the movies, the media, the allies in Congress, the Universities and the non profit sector *gasp* *sigh* that are dedicated to promoting the ideals of Western secular culture as the framework of a utopian existance. And, this, my friends is what's starting to piss people off.

American foreign policy, not really pissing people off as much.
American's destructing Iraq, eh, that's annoying, but, we know you're doing it for the oil.
American's forcing their leftist values of democracy, gay marriage, pornography, abortions, etc on the world like it's a fetish to a dying man.
Woah... THAT'S IT!

Did someone say pornography?

We can tolerate your bombs, your guns, your support for regimes that ruin the lives of many, heck with love your McDonald's and Coca Cola, but, we don't like your porn.

It's the blond hair and fake titties isn't it?

Okay, here's KC's deconstruction... Although, D'Souza's book makes some interesting arguments, take what you will from it. I think to believe that the 9/11 attacks arose out of internationally promoting American values and shoving them down the world's throat, is a little extreme.
However, what I do like is D'Souza taking the time to try and understand the Muslim point of view and to truly take the time to see what it is that they don't like about American culture: American Imperialism.

D'Souza's book is not only refreshingly appauling, it is a book that I feel should be mandatory reading, if only for the book's power to provoke.

You can check out an exerpt here