Probably the most well known cheat code in Nintendo, the Konami code, has now made its way onto the internet.

For those of you who have never spent countless hours trying to get past the first 3 levels of Contra without this code, the Konami code was the mother of all cheat codes by allowing you to start your game with 30 lives instead of the normal 3.

Konami, the company who produced these games adapted this code in a lot of other games including Jackal, Life Force, Gradius, etc. Konami was a huge game producer in the early days of Nintendo and Super Nintendo and their games were fantastic but F*CKING hard...and believe me, I loved that stupid nintendo to the point where I was pretty sure I was going to be a Nintendo Game Counselor when I grew up.

Anyway, for those of you that don't know, the Konami code is as follows:

Its not surprising now that some of the most popular websites (especially ones catering to nerdy guys who love Nintendo) have been writing javascript code that detects a user's keyboard and will do some kind of easter egg when the code is entered. The rewards for entering these codes range from being redirected to a "secret image" to seeing cool visuals on the screen when you click a link or move your mouse.

Some of the big ones that have gone up recently include Facebook, Uncrate, Mint and JQuery... ESPN got hacked in late April and when the code was entered on, images of unicorns and rainbows would fill the screen... haha, take that jocks!! (well, jocks that randomly enter the konami code on sports related websites!)

But low and behold a new website has just been created to list all of the sites that you can do the Konami code on,,

Check it out, play around with this retro relic still being used today and ya, if anyone's down for some Contra, give me a shout! On two player mode we can kill it in like less than a half hour! pew pew!