Woman with a facial mask on

Ladies n' Gents! Ground breaking news, I, Mings, am declaring May the month of facials!

Toronto's smoggy air has fucked up my skin for too long! This is war is on and I'm taking the battle to the blessed folks at Dermalogica and Vida Skin Studio - two different philosophies on skin care. Beginning on Thursday with Vida Skin Studio, I will recount the details as to the life changing methods that will come together on the silken canvas of olive toned skin that is my face.

Vida has a unique process that engages the skin to heal itself and fight anti-aging.

Sounds good, right? I'm ready for my skin to take care of itself for a little while now!

Dermalogica is apart of an international training facility that looks closely at the science of skin care, drawing on the secrets of asia. I currently love Dermalogica products and go to their monthly skin care sessions.

I will be embarrassing as usual. I'm going to attempt to maneuver Madd's (formerly Pfaffer) old DSLR in an attempt to take photos to add to the new Karmacake Flickr Pool and illustrate my experience.

I'm down for skin care that is simple, pure and effective. After years of snake oil salesmen selling lofty claims, I'm ready to closely examine pure and natural techniques for skin that just looks healthy.

Don't worry guys, I'm looking out for you as well. I'm sure there are backdoors you can enter under the cover of night so people can't see you get a facial.

I bet Brad Pitt gets facials. He's not a puss; he's married to Angelina Jolie and rumoured to be banging the nanny. Is this related to the facials?