Guinness Draught Master Toronto
Guinness enthusiasts and pub lovers joined together on Thursday May 7th, to watch Prime Pub bartenders go head to head for the coveted title of "Guinness Draught Master 2009".

For me, this event was extra special because Guinness is one of my favorite drinks. I couldn't help for smile and nod excitedly when a waitress in a kilt would approach me, say "Guinness?" and pass me a cold dark glass.

Yes please :)

The event, which took place at Fionn MacCools, 70 The Esplanade, consisted of 15 contestants who are the best of the best from Prime Pubs ( Fionn MacCool's, D'Arcy McGee's, Tir Nan Og and Paddy Flahertys) across Canada.

On the judging panel sat Jamie Pulfer of 680 News, Gord Stellick, co-host of The Morning
Show and FAN 590, Associated Brand Manager from Guinness, Nicolletta Biscoukis and Senior VP of Prime Pubs division, Grant Cobb.

The judges had their work cut out for them. Not only did they have to decide who was the best out of the 15 contestants, but had to do so while consuming glass after glass of Guinness.

Visuals for the competition began with the bartenders heading up in 2's to answer trivia questions about the man behind the beer, Arthur Guinness as well as dropping knowledge about Ireland and the science that goes into pouring the perfect pint.

Next, each bartender stood up to the taps to pour the judges a pint while delivering a hilarious Irish CRAIC, which is an Irish term for a joke or a wise crack. While some CRAIC's were sweet and simple and other's were down right filthy, it was the warm, witty and theatrical delivery of Ryanne Chisholm's CRAIC that won the over the judges.

As her prize, Ryanne was awarded an educational trip to Ireland, to work along side professionals at The St. James Gate Brewery.

In the end, the contest made for an excellent afternoon of fun people, dirty jokes and of course delicious beer.

Interesting fact: Ryanne played Lunette The Clown on The Big Comfy Couch! And no, we did not do the 10 second tidy.