Let's forget for a moment that Creationists are trying to hijack Earth Day for Created Earth Day. Whatevskis that's cool. Clearly raising awareness that the theory of evolution is a lie and mocking pagan religions is by far more important than raising awareness to save the Earth.

We've only got one Earth, let's stop fucking it up so much.

So in the spirit of the day, I'm posting a list of REALLY simple things you can do to reduce your footprint for little to no effort.

#1 Check Your Fridge Temperature. A fridge only needs to be kept at 37-40 degrees, while the freezer can be 0-5 degrees. So either adjust the fridge thermostat, or invest in a thermometer to make sure it's in the optimal range. Saving energy is critical, even if it's only a degree or two. Every little bit HELPS!

#2 Pump it at Night. Pumping your gas after the sun sets will reduce the amount of harmful gasses that are evaporated into our atmosphere. Reducing greenhouse gasses whenever possible is something we all can do. There's a perfect time for everything - even fillin' er up!

#3 Unplug Appliances. All appliances draw energy even when not in use. Unplug your toaster, your computer, your hair dryer, your Glade Plugin, or whatever. It will help save energy, potentially you money and reduces rolling brown outs in the summer.

#4 Soak Your Dishes! Soaking your dishes overnight in some water and soap makes light work of cleaning up.

#5 Florescent, CFL or LED Lighting. CFL's are miniature Florescent bulbs that give off a warmer glow, similar to traditional lightbulbs. Use only LED nightlights, on a timer, if you need one.
It's important to remember, these bulbs are only eco-friend when they are disposed of responsibly! Toronto has various services available here if you live in an apartment, you might want to organize a day for everyone to trash their hazardous waste so the Trash Taxi will cart it away for you. If you don't live in Toronto, check out IKEA, Rona, or Home Depot - they often have drop off areas.

#6 Bottle that Tank! Put a bottle in your toilet tank. This will help reduce the amount of water you consume.

#7 Reduce Junk Mail. Useless trash that ends up going to landfill. Lame. Join the DO NOT MAIL list - remember it is only valid for 5 years. Put a sign up that says "NO JUNKMAIL" on your mailbox or mail slot. If that doesn't work, check out the RedDotCampaign for more handy tips on reducing pointless landfill.

#8 Find an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner. Dry Cleaning is expensive, so what's the diff if you go to an eco-friendly spot vs. a non-eco friendly spot? Well, you're making a decision to have less harm on the environment. If you need a list, check out this link at GreenLiving.com

#9 Go Solar! Spend the money and get a mini solar panel or wind turbine. There's a great product called Hymini and I want the delux kit so bad! The power generated can recharge your iPod, phone, mp3 player or camera, it can mount on your bike. So you can unplug something out of the wall and extra power off the grid. That incredible. You can get started as cheap as $9 for a handcranked charger, or $79 for the entire kit. AND, I can take it camping? DOPE!

#10 Use AirMiles. 70% of Canadians have an AirMiles card. So AirMiles have come up with the MyPlanet program aims to inspire and enable AIR MILES® Collectors to make more environmentally sustainable choices, everyday.

#11 Make Your Own Laundry Detergent. It's not rocketscience. You can buy the ingredients from your grocery store and combine them to create an effective laundry detergent without harmful toxins, or cancer causing carcinogens. Planet Green has the deets here.

So now you have 11 tips and tricks to be able to consider a more eco-friendly lifestyle, with little effort. It makes you wonder why you weren't greening it up sooner, huh? It saves cash, saves the environment and it saves your health - kind of makes you feel silly for ever thinking it wasn't possible. Right?

Also, don't forget about Greentuity this week. Shop. Eat. Entertain your way to a greener Toronto.