December is turning into a fabulous month of people, parties and periodic moments of insanity!

After a fitting for Roma Rush's upcoming boutique opening and fashion show, I hit Urban Supper Club's party at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. The Fabulati were out for mingling and delicious snacks in The Designers Suite. The martinis flowed like blasphemous sacrament on unbapatized heathens and I kicked them back with delicous piety.

The party escalated with Canadian Opera darling Measha Bruggergosman infecting the crowd with her fiercly charming style and laugh. Bustle Clothing co-creator Shawn Hewson was present and was more than happy to share laughs over Fashion Week anecdotes. Yep, the crowd was a good one, regardless of the two heinous women who proceeded to make out in the sauna. The food was good, the company great and the suite, gorgeous. I rate the USC party a B+

Thursday night, Foxy Originals Friends and Family sale. Sale. SALE! The lower level of Empire Restaurant and Grill on Cumberland was transformed into a fabulous accessories sale. So I purchased a bevvy of items ideal for the gift drawer in the closet and for me!

Left the Foxy party and rocked on over to Amber to eat a 20 dollar lamb burger, but, the feature was no necessarily the food but, the mysterious appearance of a 6'8" Tranny. So like the transexual white rabbit I followed what this woman had to show and she took me into a den of highly meterosexual men and overly processed Tarterati. In the centre... Ben Mulroney.

To dispell the myths, Ben Mulroney is as he is on tv. Vacant expression, tanned, and I couldn't tell if his skin was injection molded plastic or simply just caked in 4 inches of make up. And, like two simlarly charged magnets, I was repelled from the crowd.

My fabulousness would have surely been lost, and Amber, lost it's sparkle.

It's Ben Mulroney's haunt.
Not, KC's.

We must never exist in the same space.