I know what you're thinking and no, it's not a song by Peaches.

As I was cruising the net, in that way I often do, I came across a unique website called "Bush in 30 Seconds". Although established in 2004 as a campaign to raise awareness to President Bush's inefficacy as leader of the US, Bush in 30 Seconds transferred the voice of political advertisements to the creativity of everyday Americans.

The concept: Have a competition that encourages the public to create an ad that challenges Bush as the ideal leader of the US. You can make an animation, gear it towards children or adults, you have complete creative freedom. It doesn't matter what you do in the political ad, except for, you have got to make it compelling.

Every year a few dozen Washington consultants churn out political ads with similar messages in similar formats. Subsequently, people tune out. Truthfully, that kind of defeats the purpose of a political ad. So a group of musicians, photographers and executives come together and decide to fight the apathy and make people notice political ads.

Not to mention, make people notice the devastation that Bush has inflicted upon the American people. Is this a shocker to you? Regardless of whether this website is 2 years out of date, the messages are absolutely true to this day. George Bush has compramised the integrity of the US, in terms of National Security, has damaged the US economy and has single handedly ransacked the environment and to what profitable end?
I don't think any.
Yet, the wicked boy who's throwing sand in the faces of his playmates, needs to take a time out. Just like the people who voted for Bush. All of you TIME OUT!

And, watch these videos.

Highly witty, they apply as much today as a warning to voters looking to elect a similar president into power.

Go check out the website here watch the films and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Apathy amongst voters is a common thing these days... However, if we didn't posses any power with the vote we yield then projects that seek to expand your mind to the devastation of Bush, such as Bush in 30 seconds.

Brilliant website.
Brilliant concept.
The Truth will breed strength in the numbers of people who want change.