Sometimes, when inspiration hits, I'm knocked off track. I had intended to post a light a lovely blog then I came across an article about anorexics and bulimics using the internet for support.

Support to continue their eating disorders!

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I'm a huge supporter of realistic proportions for fashion models, acceptance of varied body shapes in the media, as well as, educating young women to never feel inadequate about their bodies. So you can imagine how it was important to me to write about this.

Anorexia and Bulimia are intensely complex disorders that has psychological, neurobiological and sociological components. But, regardless of the disorders complexities, it is a demon that is hard to fight. The pressure to be thin is apart of the noble quest for beauty. However, while the majority of women accept their shape, many others are willing to sacrifice their health to obtain it.

Now with the internet, the rise of the Pro-Ana subculture seeks to normalize the disorder positioning it as a lifestyle choice rather than a mental disease. Pro-Ana discussion boards provide support for those in denial as well as provide tips on how to maintain the lifestyle. This includes, suggestions on how to maintain a mask of a normal eating habit to please concerned loved ones.

"I feel sooo empowered right now! I managed to dodge my lunch problems and have only had 35 calories today!! I love it!! Keep thinking thin ladies!!"
- 0wishicouldbe0
Think that's upsetting? Try reading Augusta's blog she goes states that just wants to wake up and be thin and beautiful. For me, she is like the poster child for a trend that is becoming all too common. This year at Toronto Fashion Week, models were particularly gaunt, the only food available was lettuce, people left feeling poor about their shape instead of inspired by the clothes.

Celebrities are diminishing before our eyes, and while gossip rags denounce the freakishness of their slight figures, they heckle them when they put on weight.

Two models have died already this year. And, while Spain has already put a ban on skinny models, we have yet to apply the same laws in Canada. Where will the madness end, the world can accept that eating disorders are real, they are a disease and they are promoted by the media.

Girls of the world, I'm laying it out for you, right here! The effects of poor eating effect more than just body size. Not eating induces the following:

- growth of hair all over your body
- slower heart rate and reduced metabolism
- Deficiency in vitamins and minerals leaving you open to get sick sick sick!
- Reduced immune system function
- Pallid skin and sunken eyes

and the list goes on. Eating disorders are not an effective lifestyle choice.
Your car doesn't run without gas.
And, you die when you don't eat.

Feed the models, Heal the children.