Jetsgo folded. What this means for me... no more $100 credit to fly with Jetsgo!
Why the public should feel gross about Jetsgo folding.
-Legally, airlines are not required to hold payment for ticket purchases on pending flights in trust. Therefore, if you were a ticket holder, you will not receive a refund because Jetsgo used your money to try and dig itself out of debt. It didn't work, and you footed the bill! How do you like them apples!?
-Ticket prices are now going to increase! Air Canada released a statement saying that their prices are going to go up because ticket prices have been so artificially low for years now. Anyone who has seen Air Canada's ticket prices I know is scoffing at this statement. Close to $1000 dollars to fly from Toronto to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It is less than a 2 hour flight!

Ticket Prices
Toronto's Pearson International Airport is one of the most expensive airports to fly into. This does account for why ticket prices are high. Why you ask? Because the Government of Canada sold the rights to operate airports under these autonomous managements that aren't being regulated. No regulation means no defined limits. No defined limits can mean increased costs. Increased costs need to be covered by someone so they charge the airlines... the airlines in turn charge the public.
Bang. Extra padding in the ticket price. You dig?

The Public got screwed!

Sure did. The general public, ticket holders and employees. And, Jetsgo wasn't Lefebre's first foray into running an airline. He and his ego keep popping out airlines that have murky financials, low ticket prices, and inevitably always fold. However, I don't care what his past is, as long as for me airfare isn't a special privilege in Canada! As it stands it would be less expensive for me to rent a car one way, drive to the states fly on an American airline, like Northwest (run by a woman! Yee ha!) to whatever destination.

How do we fix it?
There really isn't a clearly defined way to solve the problem. If the public raises an outcry and expresses disatisfaction en mass to the Ministry of Transport, they will be likely to look into it. Otherwise, you're out of luck.
Avoiding flying Canadian airlines would also send the message. However, that might cause the remaining two National Carriers to fold and then we would be at a major loss.

I just want Airlines to be accountable. For the Government to recognize that this is one of the only businesses where the consumer seems to have no rights. This is where the contract of the ticket, certifying guarantee of service for payment, is a crap shoot. You may get that flight you may not.

If you are a gambler, try the stakes in Canadian Air Travel. The benefit is that you don't need to export yourself to Vegas to try the odds. Become and Aviary High Roller! Lose hundreds even thousands of dollars in a blink of an eye! There are no cash payouts, usually credits, and even then the game doesn't end, because there's NO PROMISE that you'll be able to cash in that credit before the airline folds! Why? Because that Vegas Cliché holds true for Canadian Airlines... THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!