I don't think so! My tongue is swollen.
It last happened while I was living in Ottawa, Ontario back in 2003-04. Oh and what a riot it was! No one will understand the sheer agony that I have to endure while suffering through the healing process.
During this period I became, in my own socially acceptable way, a drug addict. I became depending on motrin, then motrin extra strength, then finally motrin super strength, but, nothing satisfied me. I had to send requests to friends for them to collect me my pain relief from the drug store. I felt like something out of Star Wars... I was a 1 ton Hutt sprawled out on my sofa, drooling and being disgusting, relying on others to satisfy my needs.

The worst part, was one day I was forced to go to Shoppers and refill my supply of ambesol and kanka myself. So I walked into the store, found my items, and while I was checking out the cashier made pleasantries, I failed to respond. NOT because I didn't want to, just because I feared unleashing a waterfall of saliva from my mouth. Eventually something came up in the order that I was forced to reply to.
The cashier looked at me so sympathetically, so understandingly; she smiled.
FINALLY she gets it! There's a reason why I was buying ambesol and kanka by the bushel full!Phew! Now I'll just take my purchases and go.
But, she stops me, she still has something to say!
Before it clicked in that I forgot my change she gently touches my hand (WHY IS SHE TOUCHING ME!?) looks me directly in the eye across the counter (OMG! I NEVER HAD TO TURN DOWN A WOMAN BEFORE!) and then she shouts, "HERE... IS... YOUR... CHANGE! HAVE A NICE DAY!"
she thinks I'm deaf.
I speak like I'm deaf.

This time I'm not speaking. Not opening my mouth once!

Now, it's not so bad.