Good Skin? Many people comment on my epidermis. I must have a good one. But, let me give some encouragement through a real girls guide to being beautiful.

Follow the KISS philosophy. Please, Keep It Simple Stupid! Your body will thank you!

This is what I use:
Goat's Milk Soap = Natural Cleanser helps to guard away break outs. Two bars will run you 2 bucks. Cheap.

Moisterizer = I have a few. Moisterizers are important! Light one to use immediatly after cleansing. I used to use Clinique's standard moisterizer in the square bottle. But, now a days I use the one that comes in the L'Oreal Microdermabrasion kit. I also use a tinted moisterizer to inconspicuously ven out skin tone and use a good eye cream. I like Neutragena's Visibly Firm.
I also have this totally other moisterizer that I use so rarely. It's by Clarin's and it has a self tanner in it to give a nice glow. Helps me through the winter.
Always use an SPF in your moisterizer. I love the sun, just not the rays that make me age!

Clearasil Total Control = This little serum I use after cleansing before Moisterizing. Helps control shine, pending break outs, and evens out skin tone.

Biotherm Cleansing Exfoliator = Great product. But, similar results can be obtained with sugar mixed with a little water applied with a loofah mitt. When I finish the bottle, I'm going back to the old standard. Every other day in the winter. Once or twice a week in the summer.

Biotherm Deep Cleansing Mud Mask = favorite product. I use it once and a while when I think I have a particularly dirty face. Once every other week.

Eye Make Up Remover = Hate Rimmel. But, waste not want not. I'm suffering through this watery ineffective product. Creamy ones are my favorite!

Make up = Curling mascara in black. Brown & Black eyeliner, a good kit of shimmery nudes, highlighter, a light foundation, a translucent powder, white eyeshadow, a good nude gloss, bronzer, and blush.
Get a make up lesson and learn how to do make up right. So few do.