So, what is it that I do exactly? Well, I'm a Jane of All Trades and a Master of Many.

To my three little hamsters (Indiana, Kip and Sarah) I'm mom. Or as they say "Squeak Squeak Sniff!"
To my boyfriend I'm "THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER". I can't lie, he's right!
To my bathroom mirror, I'm Beyonce, Britney, Tyra, Carmen Electra, The Winning Contestant on American Idol and who ever else tickles my fancy on the nights I'm home alone & stir crazy.
To the people of Toronto, I'm Miss Toronto (But, like all modern day royalty, the title is PURELY vestigial!)
April 14th I'll be a hot to trot runway model for a fashion show at The Mod Club

Oh, you want to know WHAT I DO TO MAKE MONEY! Well, it's hard to describe. I'm one part Samantha from Sex and the City, one part Carrie from Sex and the City, one part artist, one part contestant on The Apprentice and then a dash of me.

That's what I do!
Get it?
Got it?

Now to figure out how to buy the contents of The Sony Store based solely on my good looks.