Scarlet and I both feel self conscious.
We both are young, not stick thin and perhaps prematurely are using anti aging products.

It's time for change.

It's going to come slowly, even on America's Next Top Model, Brita the 25 year old, 138lb, 5'8.5" model hopeful was called thick in the waist and even a side of beef.
I didn't notice anything beefy about her! She was subsequently voted off, prematurely I'm sure. I would've gone for the girl with vile temper and repellent personality.

Kirsty Alley, keep the weight, Scarlet flaunt your curves, join me and Dove as we go arm and arm on a quest for real beauty.

I crave to see an unrealistic beauty standard depicted in the beauty and fashion industry.
To see real figured women
Beautiful curvy women
Healthy strong woman

A woman not ashamed about being a size 4.
Log on, read the reports, make a statement, get the free shirt.
Come on, Ladies, let's make change.