Today was a good day, a grey day, but, overall a good day.
I woke up, ate some apple pie, enjoyed some lively and lovely text messages from my boyfriend then passed out like the part time narcoleptic that I am.
When I came to I remembered an appointment that I had with a friend of mine at the Help Us Help the Children organization. We are in the throes of preparing for an upcoming Fashion Show Fundraiser at The Mod Club on April 14th.
After meeting with her, I head home to GNC to pick up the latest in dietary aids, TrimSpa.
I have tried Hydroxy Cut, Zantrex-3 and now TrimSpa. I'll be giving daily updates on my progress to answer everyone's question "DOES IT WORK!?" well, Zantrex did something, but, not a lot. Hydroxy Cut is my favorite to date, but, Look at Anna Nicole Smith, if it worked for her! It'll work for my last 13 lbs!
Look for TS -/+ ##lbs at the end of my posts.
After I purchased my TrimSpa I bought a bottle of Pepsi to celebrate my last day of junk food, fast food and fatty food! But, this isn't JUST ANY bottle of Pepsi. This bottle has odds, a 1 in 5 chances to win!!
I thought about the odds... 1 in 5 that's better than the Princess Margaret Hospital Lottery and at the $1 price tag it's an expenditure that fits perfectly in my Artistically Funded Budget!
So I bought the bottle.
I wasn't the one in 5.
And, I really didn't have that much fun playing, to tell you the truth, I feel kind of bloaty.

If you have a tendancy to purchase in excess of 100 bottles of Pepsi a year. I suggest you just buy the Ipod Mini.

Until next time!