In each of our lives a little rain must fall. We all know and expect that, however, when that undesirable rain shower rolls in it's hard to believe that it's only tiny droplets of water pelting you and not tsunami of bullets.

To wake up, to hear, to conceptualize, to understand, to empathize, to stay strong for the ones you love, is hard when all those events are simultaneous. Humans cope, we are built to withstand some of the greatest tests of our wills, that's why, for me, this new test is so hard to understand as a small trial.

My sister, 7 years older, the closest of all my sisters, is in the hospital, 6-months pregnant and paralyzed from the neck down. How? Theories abound, but, there are no difinitive answers. There was no car crash, no violations of her being, nothing more then a 15-minute coundown to collapse.

So we sit. We wait. We rejoice in the tingle of a foot, a twitch of an arm, a sensation of a feotus wriggling around. and the gloat of her smile. Because only my sister understands how momentuous the milestones of her recovery are, and she deserves to savour everyone one.

It's hard to believe it's only rain!
only rain.