Tell me, what's nicer then a cool caffinated beverage on a hot summer day?
Well, what if you add some alcohol and make it a party?
When I was in Greece there was a drink that we drank all the time on the beaches of Tripoli: The Frappé.

But, this ain't no Starbucks jobby!

True, it's made with instant coffee which to any java purist it's I'm sure sacriligeous. Does it make it better to say that the Astronauts drink it?

I spike my Frappés with alcohol and call it a night, but, really it's all good in the end!

What you need is:

1 Mason Jar
1 cup of water
1 tsp of instant coffee (or cold left over coffee is okay too!)
Coffee Flavoured Liquor (dispensed at your leisure!)
1 tsp sugar
Ice Ice Ice!

Put everything in the jar, cap it and shake shake shake! It'll get cold, frothy and look really fun!
Pour into a glass, throw in a straw and drink on a summer patio.

To get fancy... fill your glass 1/8 of the way with cream and slowly pour in the coffee mix to create layers then spoon the foam on top.
Everyone will ooo and aah and think you're a culinary genius.
You'll smile, thank them and tell them it's a lie because Karma Cake is the TRUE Genius. You're mearly the minion of my bidding.

You're done reading this.
Get in the kitchen and make me a Frappé, Minion!