Once and a while something creeps up on me that forces me to try and understand the differences between men and women. The funny thing is, what once started off as a crack has grown into a canyon and subsequently my understanding has failed to keep up.

So here I am.
Standing an inch off the ground looking out of a massive hole in the Earth and wondering WHAT THE HECK I'M DOING DOWN HERE!
Luckily enough, I'm not the only one down there. There's millions of other women and a few gay men scattered along the precipice. And, very few of us have scaled any higher up then a foot.

The truth is, time may go on, and we may get more technologically advanced, but, women continue to want the same things out of relationships: Love, Security, Marriage, Children and to just have the opportunity to get old and die together.

But, I didn't say when.

Men still run, fearing for the mortality of their single lives and deny that they too want similar things. They're just overt that they don't want it now. NEVER NOW!

Funny thing is, if men could just listen to their partner, many will just discover that their partner wants the same things out of life.

Let's use me as an example:

I want it all. But, not now. Maybe 4-5 years down the road... But, I DEFINITLY don't see myself getting married anytime before 30 and I definitly don't see myself having children immediatly there afterwards. So Boys, don't be so frightened, if you proposed marriage to me now, I probably would have to regretfully decline.

What do I see? Myself, on a beach, enjoying the prime of an already too short time on Earth and my boyfriend telling me I look gorgeous. I politely say thank you and return to sipping on my uniquely tropical beverage.

So here's my advice out there for ladies in love: He wants to go out on a saturday night with his buddies, Let him. He wants to go to Thailand and sleep in a hammock for a year, Let him. In the meantime, you enjoy your life and soon enough he'll realize, the best place on Earth is tucked in close to You.

You just need to take the risk to accept his needs or else you're going to be down at the bottom of that canyon!