Today I read another article concerning the pending strike from Ontario's Liquor Workers. The strike, scheduled for this coming Thursday will see all unionized staff of Ontario's LCBO's hit the picket line because they are dis satisfied with the suggestions in that $600,000 report the governmnet commissioned I previously brought up.

This report is the same one that moments after its release Finance Minister Greg Sorbara canned. In my mind, I got wound up because it is 200 MILLION DOLLARS OF ADDITIONAL REVENUE FOR THE PROVINCE!

At first glance, you can see the worker's pain. On one hand they want the best for their future, their children's future and they know this report would HAVE to do some good. On the other hand, they fear job loss, loss of benefits, loss of wages and in short it would have to effect their current standards of living.

Oh wait... what's that I hear? Is that the cry of whining children unable to read the fine print? Shall I get you a pair of glasses? Is that any better Joe(sephine) Nameless LCBO employee? Why don't you share with the world your enlightenment.

The rejected offer included job security, no layoffs, no store closers and what's this? An 11 PERCENT WAGE INCREASE! DANG! That's more than 9.75% wage increase offered to OPSEU workers in a contract signed last month.

This strike is a joke, it makes light of the privilege of striking. Why strike when the offer was canned in the first place?

I just want to know who's lame ass suggestion it was to hit the picket lines?

Don't expect me to shed any tears for you for you intent on maintaining your $21.80/hr job stocking shelves full of liquor. You're turning down an opportunity to increase your standard of living, not only financially, but in terms of the expendible income Ontario would have to pump back into public service.

I'll let Napoleon Dynamite say it for me:

Ontario Liquor Workers are all just an... Click Here