So little time!

What's gotten my knickers in a knot today? Well, truthfully, not a whole lot!
There are a few topics I want to touch upon because they get me wound up when brought up in conversation, such as:

1. Bicyclists. Why? Because they want to behave both like a car and like a pedestrian. Why it ticks me off Because they nearly mow me down when I walk down the street!

2. Lack of Career Support for New Immigrants. Why? Because thousands of qualified professionals from education to medicin are being denied the opportunity to apply their qualifications in Canada. Why it ticks me off The Government claims there is a brain drain, but, the truth is we have qualified professionals driving cabs instead curing illness. Let's not be egotistical, lets implement a mentoring program to get these folks working!

3. Groceries prices fluxuate depending on your community. Why? Because butter is $5.00 at the Dominion at Bloor/Spadina, $4.00 (and change) at the ValuMart in Manulife and $3.00 at a No Frills. Why it ticks me off Because it's idiotic. Grocery stores, regardless of being apart of a chain, have prices based upon the neighborhood. Does anyone see that they are taking us for a ride?

4. Grocery Gateway is now back to Longos. Why? Because they took away my payment at the door, changed the substition guarantee and have reduced the variety in stock. Why it ticks me off Because it's annoying.

5. Pretentious Flakes. Why?Because they all want to be Paris Hilton. Why it ticks me off Because they are fake and seem to think that idiocy is superior to intellectualism. Ugh.

That's it.
in a nut shell.