Say the strike happens, where are you going to go and buy your alcohol?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Go to Québec or another province.
2. Wine Home Delivery
3. Work with an independant agency. Each agency has a roster of producers including non LCBO products as well its regular LCBO and Vintages offerings. Many will now deliver to your doorstep however note that you have to buy a minimum of a case.
Log on to their website to sign on to their newsletters so you can be upto date with what they have in stock:
Rubaiyat Wine And Spirit Merchants
Rogers & Company
H.H.D. Imports
4. Purchase directly from a local producer. Ontario has some of the finest wine's in the world! Maybe this is your chance to try them!
There is a world beyond the LCBO, hopefully this will give you some help.