The interweb is a platform.
The medium is interactive and it's pulling more people away from tv and other traditional forms of media and advertising.

Yep, yep! Media is getting a fast paced make over and your hot shit flatpanel is going to be best suited to streaming content off of the net, then catching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Web 2.0 is not only a glorious geek moniker, but, the hottest catch phrase to describe the beginning of a new era of user driven entertainment, information and socialization.

Suck it up, Kids, because this is going to separate the tech savvy from the fogies. And, unless you want to date yourself, I suggest you get on the bandwagon and click your way out of obscurity.

The concept of Web 2.0 began with Friendster in 2002. It was a net based social network based upon the "Small World" concept by networking individuals through your expanded circle of friends. Sounds simple enough right? Well, Friendster was over in 2004 when Myspace took over.

January 2007 Myspace is starting to lose cache and everyone's jumping on Facebook. The newest Web 2.0 start up from the entrepreneurial mind of 22-year old Silicon Valley whiz kid Mark Zuckerberg.

However, unlike predecessors (Friendster, Hi5 and Myspace), Zuckerberg is focused less on selling and more on development of the Facebook interface. However, if the market continues to heat up, it's wildly understood that Zuckerberg could easily sell Facebook for up to 1 billion dollars in 2008.

So what does this all mean? Well Web 2.0 is hawt. Users are keen to click and surf their way to building connections, sharing content, and finding information and entertainment through the inernet. Big media agencies are recognizing this as well, with sales of YouTube, Myspace, Blogspot and even Photobucket.

New services for sharing media include my new favorite IMEEM. IMEEM is a slicker version of YouTube, and allows you to stream your favorite .mp3, video files and even share your favorite playlist with other users. It's yet another fabulous service to help break the monotony of the work day.

Which I dig.

Next is Kizmeet... A predictable spin on internet dating. Kizmeet allows individuals who might flirt, exchange glances or even modest words in a neighborhood grocery store only to depart sans contact information. Yep, Kizmeet allows those individuals to chase down these missed connections.

I posted an ad, got a response, replied to the response and weeks later I have yet to get a reply. is yet another fun waste of time (FWT). The slogan "Love it. Share it. Rate it." is a portal for women to review and rate products they buy, offer advice on burning questions, and interact by accumulating a collection of "friends".

Well, Web 2.0 is taking the internet to the next level.

If you can find me on any of those services.
I will be your friend.

Isn't that a fabulous prize?