The well timed pairing of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise makes for plenty of skepticism.
I mean, both have blockbuster movies due out this summer (Holmes with Batman Beyond and Cruise with War of the Worlds) which makes many of us back seat water cooler gossip columnists on guard.
I am indifferent to the whole affair, Holmes on Cruise really doesn't effect the price of tea in China, nor does it effect the axis on which the world revolves around me. (Don't try to tell me it doesn't!!)
However, after thinking about it, it clearly became apparent... if people continue to utulize relationships as PR stunts then who is to define was is real and what isn't? Like the boy who cried wolf, will they too have their cries (Albeit of lust) fall on deaf ears?

Although, perhaps there is a possibility that the combined glare of their radiant smiles is enough to blind them enough to think that it is love.