It's a hot night in a cool city tonight.

At a glance tonight:

The MMVA's are going on down on Queen West. It's a hotbed of excitement for the 13-18 crowd. Those of us in our tweens are really not going to sacrifice our cool facade for a glance at a star royally emerging from their limo for a gracious wave to their fans.
How humbling.
So I'm home.

This morning was a whirlwind of red lights and frivolity! From Downtown to the Beaches to the Groovin' Grove, I went on an Autoshare adventure for a fabulous brunch at Chateau Nice.
Came home to curl up on my couch to be evicted from my nest in favour of the visiting parentals.

Oh the evening had only then begun my friends.

It's always nice to have the family over. I don't see them quite enough. Although, I'm so used to my own space and when M&D are up my space is gone.
No space, no control...

No more complaints.

Anyone want to support a programme designed to help underserved youth in the GTA? Let me know.