I thought it was 8 and I have an 8:30am. So it's 7:25am, I've dressed, moisterized, pinned back my hair and prematurely brushed my teeth.

Miss World Canada Pageant Week, I'm going to talk to the girls about leadership and giving back to your community even after pageant week. I feel that, within the pageant realm, I have some authority to speak on that since giving back is a career path of sorts.

No desire to write anything pollitical at all... although, a friend of mine does have a crush on a pollitical figure. Her blog assures me that no intervention is required, but, I'm standing on guard non-the-less.

Sunday, Mum and Sister are going to Stillwater Spa for a day of primping and relaxing. However, I doubt I will go. One treatment is equiv. to the cost of my living room... I'm all about luxery, but, that, in my mind, is NOT value for service offered! I'm going to pass! Besides I need treatments they don't offer there... eyebrow waxing, body scrub and tan.

Aren't you glad I told you!