Summer 2005 arrived on its own schedule. For weeks, the low tempature spurned annoyed Torontonians to furrow their brows & reluctantly button up their lightest winter jackets with hopes Mother Nature would take notice. Ah, she did, and how that matriarch of earth and druidism delivered summer with a vengence hotter than hell.

June 10, 2005 - Toronto enjoying, one of it's near 14 smog warnings, simultaneously basques in the perceived outdoor temperature of over 41 degree centigrate. Emergency cooling stations sprung up across the city while volunteers handed out bottles of water to passers by.

Hydrate, Cool Off, Strip down.

While the city was busy reacting to the present need to help save the homeless, the elderly and the underaged from wilting. Many annoyed Torontonians were wiping the sweat from their furrowed brows, cursing the unprecidented heat and wondering why they must suffer while the rest of Canada is comfortable.

Well, call me crazy, call me aware of my surroundings, but, I'll tell you why the heat is so high in the bubble we call the "Big Smoke"
Years of coal burning plants, car emissions, and lack of sufficient green space has eroded the natural presence of seasons in Toronto to the blot that is its own disgusting weather patterns.

The solution is so simple, but, the apathy of Torontonians makes it unfashionable to indulge in.
Car pool, public transit, bicycle or heaven forbid WALK! Plant trees, make roof top gardens and make change.

If you're not prepared to take accountability and make change then stop complaining! In this sweltering heat your negativity is really making me grumpy, so please, shut up.