How lonely it is to be a sole Blogganista!

Here's what's happened since my last post:

-Parents left
-Went to Halloween as a "Slutty Vampire" with my well dressed vampire boyfriend.
-Began work at a theatre company
-Rediscovered Fake Eyelashes and silvery make-up
-Went to PEI for Christmas
-Got my wisdom teeth out
-Return to Toronto/reunited with incredibly handsome talented chef boyfriend.
-Discovered I need to lose 2-3inches of my hips to be a model
-Realized Incredibly Handsome Talented Chef Boyfriend thinks I'm perfect just the way I am.

I'm a lucky girl... minus the gill like holes from where my wisdom teeth used to sit.
It's like losing a part of you.
A part that can never be replaced.
Fare The Well Wizzer 1 & 2