I'm sure you're all hanging in suspense. You all want to know what happened to my IHCB (Incredibly Hot Chef Boyfriend) the other night. Well after a night of tossing and turning, cursing and worrying I FINALLY found out what happened.

He was sick.

Yes, it's true, even the most Godly of all human born Adonises (Adonii?) can succumb to influenza as readily as your average joe.

The following night he arrived at my door, a little broken, a little cold.. in need of a little good Karma.

Then last night, I watched Napoleon Dynamite. I ask... why is it so funny? GOSH!

It has almost as many quotable moments as Zoolander.

I wonder what it would sound like to have Napoleon Dynamite crossed with Zoolander?

" It's not easy having really really really ridiculously cool skills."

Napoleon does have some really sweet moon boots.

Tonight I made cookies. They are delicious.
If you have an oven, I highly recommend them