A karma update:

2005 is a good karma year for many people, including myself. A year of new beginnings.

Do a little numerology on yourself, it's easy! To find out your personal year add together the month, day, and current year until you get a single digit that's in the range of 1-9. For example:
Sept. 12, 2005 = 9+12+2005=2026, 2+0+2+6=10, 1+0=1

Now you try.

Here are the meanings:

The One Personal Year - Follow Your Dreams
This year make a mark, whatever you set your mind to you will be able to accomplish. It is a year of beginnings! But, it doesn't just fall into your lap, you have to make it happen.

The Two Personal Year - Cooperation
A year of tying up loose ends, building relationships and stewardship of your year 1. Sit back and relax too much go getter personality will destroy you.

The Three Personal Year - Express Yourself
Creativity and excess are all about this year. Enjoy yourself and be outgoing, but, whatever you do, keep an eye on your spending!

The Four Personal Year - Taking Care of Business
Try not to criticize others. Because in this year you're ready to put down roots and move on to the next phase in your life, it doesn't always mean that others are too! What works for you, might not work for others.

The Five Personal Year - Change and Surprise
You need a change, we all do sometimes! Spontaneous is you this year! But, don't be too impulsive, in May you'll want a change and then in September you'll want another. You could potentially find a new job this year, or else, some of you might have an affair!

The Six Personal Year - Nurturing
You feel a desire to nuture, take care of others and make making everyone happy paramount. Just don't forget that you need tlc as well!

The Seven Personal Year - Reflection
Make reflection your motto for this year. It's time to take a step back and to enjoy the fruits of your labours of the past 6 years. Be leary of entering marital arguments, they could be volatile! Instead, relfect and relax.

The Eight Personal Year - Test and Evaluation
You're ready to expand. Money owing to you might come back this year. You've obtained success in your past and you might be tested on this. So be prepared for a bit of a battle.

The Nine Personal Year - Graduation
Like Year seven but now you're cleaning out your closet and making preperations for the next cycle. The positive energy you generate in this year will determin the karma for the following cycle.