For the past few days I've been escaping living with my parents by seeking refuge at my cousin's place near Bloor West.

So here we've been living the good life... eating and drinking... looking at my cousin's new clothes and talking about boys.

She's shown me the gifts she bought her boyfriend including something she calls "Lifetime Shoes" Frankly, I don't consider myself a girl that's afraid of commitment. However, this idea of shoes for life makes me a little skittish.

I've introduced her to the idea of Strong Bad and the other characters at Home Star Runner and she's introduced me a few new Arabic words and the reflex of shouting "GET THE POPCORN! BUSH IS ON TV!" She takes to watching George W. like most teenage boys take to watching a National Lampoon serial.

She's hot.
She's taken.
She's 25.

She fat... with a ppppppp hhhhhhhhhh

over and out for another day.