The train wreck that is Fox News, continues with this brilliant commentary from Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' Red Eye. The show is an incredibly amusing roundtable discussion on the world's hot topics and mildly controversial subjects as interpreted by the brightest political pundits that answer craigslist ads.

The show's humour is a by-product of Gutfeld's fervent attempt to be provocative and witty. At a 3am time slot, it's a show reserved for insomniac's, new mothers and people in Australia. Unfortunately, the latter can't access it due to the truncated broadcast range of Fox.

Please watch the above clip, while Greg and his guests, try to wrap their heads around Canada's exodus from Afghanistan - Greg looks towards Alfred E. Neuman for advice. Are these brawny men getting manis & pedis? How will they defend Sarah Palin & Alaska from the Cold World Threat? And apparently the hot guy from Wings is concerned about Mexican's taking siestas over defending Mexican US borders.

What is going on with this gong show!?! LOL
Whatever this fucked up shit is, I love it and I'm a little bit hooked.
American's seriously aren't this misinformed, are they?

BTW, there's also a sexy topless Matthew McConaughey correspondent. A MCCONAUGHEY CORRESPONDENT!!! ahahahahaha

Can we trust the opinion of a man who probably didn't vote for Obama?