Anyone else want to congratulate Ontario Police for their team's ability to ID a victim from a 1967 slaying?

I can ID the slain youth as well! It's Donald Trump... waaaaaait a minute! If that's the REAL Donald Trump then who's this guy on TV? Methinks this plot thickens very quickly.

Also, 50% of Torontonians believe that Barbie is a bad role model. She's hot, can fly planes, sing songs, teach and has cross cultural appeal. Yeah, sounds like a real shit role model for young girls.

Maybe if Mattel released, "Underacheiving Betty" as the antithesis to Barbie. She smokes, steals cable and eats frosting from a can. There are multiple male counterparts with names like "Uncle Lebron" and "Uncle Whatshisface", all reflecting how she introduces them to her ever growing litter of children.

NOW THAT's a bad role model.
Or how about the 14 year old child who played with plasticine up there on the skeleton of the 18 year old?

Even more reason to not stop funding arts in schools.