Waiting to participate in an performance art piece as a part of an upcoming art festival. My cousin and I are approached with the undesirable task: While standing on a corner in busy downtown Toronto engage strangers with a large theatrical pink umbrella in one hand and a large piece of chalk in the other.

Feeling uncomfortable we leave, heading North towards Queen where we are stopped mid journey to climb into a rickshaw to be ferried over to My Apartment where they are offering drinks at cost.

So we go, and enjoy two dollar martinis and the licivious stares of men well lubricated with beers and tequila. We leave.

Arriving on Queen we head for Café Crêpe where my adorable boyfriend works. I see him, we say "Hi" my cousin and I leave for home.

Where my parents and my sister are.

The day doesn't seem so weird now.
I still don't know how to spell.