2 rants in 24 hours.
I'm on a roll.
One was on the subway - I do like an audience.
I didn't realize how strongly I felt about gift giving until Mattimus suggested gifting cash to an engaged couple.

5 subway stops later and a lot of loud naysaying, I owe it to let the world know, it's not so much the act of giving cash that I find grossly offensive, it is the couple's request to be gifted cash- in exact denominations- with the purpose of paying for their honeymoon.


Careful thought led me to blog a guide for all of us who are entering into the age of weddings and the presents we must gift. Follow me, the rant does not end here - I'm only getting started!

Remember - Technically, no one is obliged to bring a gift to a wedding. If you do get them a gift, you're just expressing your goodwill and support of their marriage. With that said there are some rules!

While I believe that if someone wants to buy you the gold standard of sugar bowls, why deny them the opportunity? However, don't limit them either. Set up your registry with a wide variety of items in different denominations so everyone can buy you something you like.

While giving cash is not a terrible gesture, there is no polite way to ask guests to give you money. So just leave it up to the individuals, and if you don't like the gift you can return it for what you would like.

There are so many stupid and impratical rules associated with cost. Throw them out the window and gift give within your means. The thought does count, and it should keep on counting because you're going to have to go through gift giving hell multiple times over from now to eternity...

Your friends will have kids.

They will expect presents as well.
Better open that GIC!