I try so hard not to wax political on my blog, but, with the news of late it's so hard not to!
For the past year Canadians have had wafting exposure to the Liberal Party's not-so-secret Sponsorship Scandal. If you haven't heard about it, essentially, it is rumoured that the Liberal Party distributed millions of dollars to friends in high places for "so-called" services that were never provided.
Now, I'm all for supporting your friends! Heck, if you can't share the wealth with those you love, what good is it? But, I'm not one for dipping into my funders (for me it's my parents, for the government it's the public) to make the rich richer... to what end?!? Greed!

Now there is a publication ban on information pertaining to the hearings. So Canadians, who were the victims here (as always, when are we NOT victimized?!) have no access to information. Okay, fine, we can deal with it, I mean, it was put in place to ensure that those involved aren't unfairly judged prior to a court decision being reached. Where theoretically, when the case goes to court then the judge and the jury won't have preconceived notions.

However, with the invent of this fancy peer to peer environment, called The Internet, where we share thoughts, ideas, and even news, Canadians now have access to details that were previously banned.

Slow down that itchy clicker finger there, Compadre! The Liberals are now royally t.o.'d! They have gone so far to explore punishing individuals who go so far as providing a link to the U.S. Based Blog, or even the name of the Minnesota based man, or even a link to anything that might link to a link. Oh man oh man oh man oh man!

So in one day, 10's of millions of Canadians are sneaking like bad little 3 year olds to a website the government can't touch because it isn't Canada and are just lapping up the details.

If you haven't already gone, Canada, you have a choice:

Take the blue pill - and go on with your life; be comfortably unaware. Heck, you'll probably go on voting for the Liberals.
Take the Red pill - and google yourself the truth. If for no other reason, then because... you can.